Swashthik Plascon Limited’s initial public offering (IPO) witnessed overwhelming demand, closing fully subscribed at the end of the second day of bidding. The IPO, which opened for public subscription on Friday, had a robust response from retail and institutional investors alike. The closing date for the IPO is set for Wednesday, November 29.

In just two days, the IPO received an overall subscription of 1.76 times the offered shares. Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs) subscribed 1.14 times their reserved portion, while Retail investors oversubscribed significantly with a subscription of 3.03 times their allocated quota. The IPO, offering 4,739,200 equity shares, attracted bids at a price band of ₹80 to ₹86 per share.

Swashthik Plascon, a company engaged in the production of PET preforms and bottles, manufactures a wide range of PET bottles for various applications, including household cleaning products, repellent dispensers, FMCG packaging, medicines, and alcohol. The company is known for its juice, cool drinks, and packaged drinking water bottles. The IPO is expected to have an estimated listing price of ₹93 per share, reflecting an 8.14% premium over the IPO price.

About Swashthik Plascon Limited:
Swashthik Plascon Limited is an IPO entrant that focuses on manufacturing PET preforms and bottles. Its product range includes PET preforms for household cleaning products, repellent dispensers, FMCG packaging, and bottles for medicines and alcohol. The company has received positive reviews from investors, with the IPO oversubscribed in a short span.


IPO Details:
– IPO Subscription Status: Fully Subscribed
– Offered Shares: 4,739,200 Equity Shares
– IPO Price Band: ₹80 to ₹86 per share
– Retail Investor Quota: 50%
– NII Quota: 21.42%
– QIB Quota: 28.58%

Grey Market Premium and GMP Trend:
As of the latest data, the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for Swashthik Plascon IPO is at +7. Considering the upper limit of the price band and the existing premium in the grey market, the expected listing price is estimated to be ₹93, representing an 8.14% premium over the IPO price. The IPO is likely to be listed on December 7.

Investor Perspective:
Investors have shown a keen interest in Swashthik Plascon IPO, evident from the oversubscription in both retail and non-institutional categories. The company’s diversified product portfolio and positive industry outlook have contributed to investor confidence. The IPO is expected to mark a successful entry for Swashthik Plascon into the public market.

Listing Date and Future Prospects:
The anticipated listing date for Swashthik Plascon IPO is December 7. As the IPO is oversubscribed and the grey market premium remains positive, market experts predict a favorable debut on the stock exchanges. Investors are advised to keep a close eye on the listing day for potential market movements

and to make informed decisions.

Market Analysts’ View:
Market analysts attribute the success of Swashthik Plascon’s IPO to the company’s strong market presence and its focus on producing high-quality PET preforms and bottles. The oversubscription, particularly in the retail segment, underscores investors’ confidence in the company’s growth trajectory. The grey market premium indicates positive sentiment and suggests that the IPO may witness an enthusiastic response on the listing day. Analysts anticipate that Swashthik Plascon’s listing will be closely watched by market participants and may set the tone for future IPOs in the sector.


Company’s Growth Strategy:
Swashthik Plascon Limited’s successful IPO can be seen as a testament to its strategic growth initiatives and commitment to innovation. The company’s diverse product range, including bottles for beverages, household products, and pharmaceuticals, positions it as a versatile player in the packaging industry. Swashthik Plascon’s focus on meeting the evolving consumer demands for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions has resonated well with investors. As the company prepares for listing, attention will turn to its future plans and how it intends to leverage the capital raised through the IPO for further expansion and development.

Investor Education and Awareness:
The oversubscription of Swashthik Plascon’s IPO highlights the growing interest of retail investors in the Indian stock market. As more retail investors actively participate in IPOs, there is a need for increased investor education and awareness. Swashthik Plascon’s IPO success story could serve as a case study for budding investors, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and understanding the fundamentals of a company before making investment decisions. This surge in retail participation also underscores the democratization of the IPO market, providing a broader investor base the opportunity to participate in wealth creation through the stock market.

The Swashthik Plascon IPO has garnered significant attention from investors, reflecting a positive sentiment towards the company’s growth potential. The oversubscription and the expected premium at the time of listing indicate a promising debut in the stock market. Investors are encouraged to stay updated on the IPO’s progress and listing day developments for a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.


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