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Good morning! Let’s catch up on the latest buzz. Microsoft has brought in Sam Altman, the ousted co-founder of OpenAI, to lead its new AI initiative. This move follows Altman’s recent departure from OpenAI, and Microsoft’s shares saw a positive bump of over 2% after the announcement.


Microsoft’s AI Move:
Microsoft, a significant supporter of OpenAI, also welcomed back former OpenAI President Greg Brockman. Despite CEO Satya Nadella’s unsuccessful attempts to reinstate Altman at OpenAI, Microsoft remains committed to its partnership with OpenAI. Nadella expressed excitement about working with Emmett Shear, the newly-appointed CEO and former chief of Twitch.

Microsoft’s decision to bring Altman on board and create an in-house AI team caused a positive ripple in the stock market, with shares rising more than 2% in early Monday trading. Despite the shift, Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to its ongoing partnership with OpenAI. CEO Satya Nadella expressed his anticipation of working with Emmett Shear, the newly-appointed CEO and former Twitch chief.

Argentina’s Political Outsider:
In Argentina, Javier Milei, an outsider, has won the presidential runoff election. Milei, known for his unconventional proposals like adopting the US dollar as legal tender, has garnered attention. Debt investors are responding positively to his victory, especially considering his promises to cut public spending.

Musk’s Defense Amidst Backlash:
Elon Musk is defending himself against accusations of antisemitism, emphasizing his positive intentions for humanity. Last week, Musk faced backlash for agreeing with a controversial post. Advertisers like Comcast, Paramount Global, Apple, and Disney paused their ads on X, Musk’s platform. Despite the backlash, some, including hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, defended Musk.

Elon Musk, the controversial CEO of various ventures, found himself in hot water again, facing accusations of antisemitism. This followed Musk agreeing with a post that made contentious remarks about Jewish people. Major advertisers, including Comcast, Paramount Global, Apple, and Disney, responded by pausing their ads on Musk’s platform, X. Musk defended himself, claiming goodwill for humanity, but the backlash raises questions about his statements and their impact on his ventures.

Dollar’s Dip and Other Financial Updates:
The Bloomberg dollar spot index is at its lowest since August, and Treasury yields are slightly up. Investors are eyeing the upcoming 20-year auction for further insights. Moody’s positive outlook on Italy’s debt has boosted Italian banks. The Federal Reserve’s future rate path may become clearer when minutes of its November decision are published.

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Coming Up in the Markets:
The US economic calendar is relatively quiet, with the Conference Board index of leading economic indicators due later. Zoom Video is among the companies reporting results. In the UK, discussions revolve around potential tax cuts in the upcoming budget.

Looking ahead, the US economic calendar is relatively quiet, with attention turning to the Conference Board index of leading economic indicators and Zoom Video’s earnings report. In the UK, discussions revolve around potential tax cuts in the upcoming budget by the Conservative Party government.

What’s Making Headlines:
– Bayer’s shares are under pressure in Frankfurt trading.
– Natural gas prices surged after rebels backed by Iran seized a vessel in the Red Sea.
– China may pause interest-rate cuts.
– Beijing is creating a list of 50 property firms eligible for financing.
– Pimco is preparing for policy tightening from the Bank of Japan by buying yen.
– More Americans using Ozempic may lead to smaller plates at Thanksgiving.

Interesting Reads and Joe’s Insights:
Check out Bayer’s challenging day in Frankfurt, the rise in natural gas prices, and China’s stance on interest rates. Also, delve into a list of property firms in Beijing and Pimco’s strategy. Don’t miss an obituary for former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

Final Thoughts from Joe:
The recent developments at OpenAI, with Sam Altman joining Microsoft, are creating waves. Microsoft’s dominance in the tech scene is remarkable, considering how perceptions have shifted over the past decade. It’s worth exploring the dynamics between tech giants in the evolving landscape.

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